What Is The Magnificent Revolutionary Cycling Cinema?

This Super 8 short documenting the first gig of The MRCC, a pedal powered cinema which was on The Big Chill Art Trail of 2007. The film This Super 8 short documents the MRCCs first gig which was on The Big Chill Art Trial in August 2007. It was shot on a 30 year old second hand cine camera which will probably be going strong in 10 years time, unlike today's video camera which will probably be in a land fill by then. The Magnificent Revolutionary Cycling Cinema is the only UK bicycle-powered cinema, uniting art, education and sustainability by: * Screening D.I.Y films, independents and small productions * Demonstrating how to generate power locally and independently of fossil fuels * Engaging people in idea of sustainability Throw in top hats, 50’s usherettes and a touch of the circus weird… and you’ve arrived at The Magnificent Revolutionary Cycling Cinema!


Narration By Andy Tompkins Film by Simon Mullen Audio Post Production: Dale Loyd Music: The Baltic Fleet by The Resistance

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