Vidya’s Dance In Color

Cambridge based dancer Vidya Math performance a one minute dance piece in the beautiful environs of the Cambridge Art Salon. The performance is a fusion of classical Indian (Kathak) and contemporary Western dance. It draws on Vidya's life time commitment to exploring and promoting this new form.


When I shot Vidya's Dance in 2013, I knew I wanted to superimpose the many takes of Vidya's performance into one film. Unfortunately, I found it was very easy to lose visual coherence with superimposition. This film solves that problem by assigning primary colors to the superimposed tracks.


Choreography: Vidya Math
Camera Operator: Steve Lewis
Music: Matthew Warman
Thanks to: The Cambridge Art Salon
Special Thanks to: Ruthie Collins, Henry Shepherd
Film by Simon Mullen
Length: 1:00
Produced: 2014

Technical Notes:

Shot on a Nizo 156 and Nizo 561.
Low frame rates of 9fps, 6fps and 4fps were exclusively used in this project to enhance motion blur.
The filmstock was Tri-X, a 200ASA B&W reversal film.

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