The Cambridge Band Competition 2011

Below are interviews with the bands that competed in The Cambridge Band Competition 2011.

The band interviews were all shot during the competition heats in March, often just before the band went on stage.

Thats five heats with four bands a heat making twenty awesome band interviews to check out.

The finales were held on Thursday the 7th of April at The Junction and the finalists were:

And the winner of the Cambridge Band Competition 2011 was Supercasino.

The Cambridge Band Competition is organised by Strawberry Fair.

Heat 1: The Portland Arms: Thursday 3 March

Heat 2: The Portland Arms: Thursday 10 March

Heat 3: The Portland Arms: Thursday 17 March

Heat 4: The Portland Arms: Thursday 24 March

Heat 5: University Social Club: Thursday 31 March


Event Host
Tom Dalpra

Director and Editor
Simon Mullen

Camera Operator for Heat 1, 2, 3, 4
Steve Lewis - Camo Films

2nd Camera Operator for Heat 1, 2, 3, 4
Henry Shepherd

Camera Operator for Heat 5
Jim Moore

2nd Camera Operator for Heat 5
Marc Abraham

Special Thanks to:
Nicola Holland
Richard Brown