Mickfest was a day long music festival celebrating the life of much loved musician and filmmaker Michael (Mick) Gillett who passed away this June 2011. The event was held at The Maltings, Ely on Saturday the 29th of October, 2011.

Here we present Mickfest a film documenting that musical and moving day.

We had some technical problem with our cameras during the filming and that did impact on the final edit. But love that all the musicians interviewed had for Mick still shines through.


Interviewees in order of
first appearance

Tom Dalpra
Lee Gillett
Zoie Davis
Sally Kerr
Lester Lloyd-Reason
Sam Brooks
Sue Marchant
Roger Douglas
Neil Taylor
Alice Walker
Terry Thornhill
Chris Williams
Martin Elsey

Director and Editor
Simon Mullen

Camera Operators:

Henry Shepard
Marc Abraham
Steve Lewis

Post Production Sound
Steve Bradshaw

Mickfest was organised by
Lee Gillett

Main Stage Manager
Jamie Gillett

Main Stage Sound Engineering:

Mark Gilbert
Fraser Gilbert

Acoustic Stage Manager
John Drake

Acoustic Stage Sound Engineer
John Drake

Mickfest would like to thank:

Digital Creations (Ely) Ltd
for printing tickets, programmes
and back stage passes,

The Maltings
for hire of the venue,

Marianne Halls
for organising and
running the raffle,

Karl Bedingfield
for the Mickfest website,

and all the artists and helpers
for giving their time
and efforts for free.

For Mick Gillett
who touched so many lives and
supported the Cambridgeshire live music scene.