Garden Stories

November 4th 2010 saw the culmination of over three years work when Murray Edwards College hosted the premiere screening of a lyrical and intimate portrait of life in its gardens.

Entitled 'Garden Stories', this 'guerrilla' film - masterminded, and shot by Head Gardener Jo Cobb with help from her team, and edited by Simon Mullen, includes contributions from students, Fellows and staff and captures the secret life of this unique and celebrated garden and marks the special role it plays within the life of the College.


Director Jo Cobb Editor Simon Mullen Sound Designer Simon Keep

With Thanks to: the President,Fellows, Staff, Students and Alumnae of Murray Edwards College, Cambridge Thanks Also to: FDMX at Anglia Ruskin University Anglia Tonight, ITV Anglia Sue Dougan, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Jack Thurston and Ninon Assuni, The Bike Show Pat Houghton for use of her film 'The Building of New Hall' Rick Harrison ("Tricky") for the use of his photograph of the Lurie Garden in the Millenium Park, Chicago Professor Lesley Saunders, Poet in Residence in the Garden, for reading her poem, Asters II Music Thanks to: The Man from Uranus for the tracks 'Get Along Little Doggy' and 'Meteor Strike' from the album 'Amazing Science Friction VolumeOne' Jessie Codner, Carl McTague and Sophie Snowdon in session Special Thanks: Claire Haggard Gardeners: David Derrien Peter Kirkham Philip Heywood Jessie Codner Jo Cobb A Big Thank You to: Paola Filippucci Alistair Whitehall Trisha Main Dennis Footman Brian Page Andy Clay Becky Greed Jake the College Cat Leo Mellor Daniel Barsky Benjamin Barsky Jennifer Barnes Katarina Carvounis Andrejv Podjacki Pascaline van Rossem Anne Lonsdale Ros Smith Steve Edwards Graham Hardy Nara Pandey Colin Lock Angus Topham Smith Emily Scrag Sylvie Snowdon Eleanor Massie Art Girl Steve Sallaberger Shannon Pickett Liz Pearson Catalina Brumann Bill Proudfoot Raphael Lyne Carl McTague Hannah Web Felix B. Quadros Tom Hensby Marjan Radjani Zoltan Tiba Kate Gadsby Caroline Hyde Saint John Walker Kirsten Lavers Pamela Abbot Lisa Kirkham Raoul Belleza of Summer Discovery

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