FIRE 150

There is an empty house on the Buckden roundabout of the busy A1 dual carriageway. Ive driven passed this boarded up property many times. And from the first moment I saw it, I knew it must be haunted! Because if any house should be haunted, its this one. The roundabout is a modern crossroad and crossroads are rich in dark mythological tradition across the world. I found this really nice Radiolab podcast, were the reported goes looking for the devil at a crossroad as part of an investigation of American blues singer and musician Robert Leroy Johnson. So who knows what the denizens of an empty boarded up house on the crossroad would be like? I know . . .


Film by Simon Mullen Sound Effects: all sound effects hosted by freesound "very noisy traffic heavy", "motorbike around 1", "passing truck 9" by Robinhood76 "ufo pass", "jetbike flypast" by tigersound "swosh" by man "passingcar01", "passingcar02" , "passingcar03" by Pingel "woosh5" by damco "woosh 02" by Glaneur de sons Length: 1:00 Produced: 2012 Award: Festival do Minuto: Minute Trophy of "Free Theme - March 2013" Selected: 10th One Minute Film & Video Festival

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  1. Brad says:

    Love it! That’s a great, little film Simon. The narration sounds like a poem!

  2. joosypigeon says:

    Thanks Brad. Yes the narration is spooky poem. 🙂

    There is a serious point to this. Its part of an ongoing investigation of audience engagement.

    I when I first posted this film it had no narrative, just the sound scape. I made the film exactly one minute long, in an effort to maintain the engagement with the audience (most short films are too long). Anyway, I liked it, well I did it so I would!

    But the film did not engage people. So I added the narration, and then it did!

  3. Brad says:

    Mmmm, that reminds me about a comment made by the director of ‘Blade Runner’, who said that a narration had to be included in that film because the audience became lost without it.

  4. Brad says:

    Your short film is about an empty house which you believe is haunted. Do you believe in ghosts?

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