The Used Car Experience and an Excursion

In this thrilling installment we visit The Used Car Experience, before it was knocked down. Then we leave Cambridge via V’s house and Manchester, out into the countryside and then the coast. And there we stare . . .


Heaton Park

Setting up for a Strawberry Shorts Commendation screening and a game of piggy in the middle in Heaton Park. Guess who was in the middle! And in between that I wait for an interview in the Waterstones Cafe for an interview.

manchester & movies in the meadows

I helped out with movies in the meadows in Grantchester. Also I went back to Manchester.

Here is a bit of both . . .

the beginning of september 2016

For this photographic outing I wait in a Manchester hospital waiting room for hours. Also i spot a mannequin house party behind the Grafton Center in Cambridge.