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my name is Simon, (Dr Simon Mullen to my friends), and I am a maths teacher. Previous to becoming a teacher I spent many years in industry working on software development. I was very successful in this field but slowly came to realise that I enjoyed taking the seminars and tutoring my colleagues far more than I did staring at a screen. So, with the encouragement of friends and family I changed career and became a teacher.

I have lived in Cambridge for 20 years, love the city and am very involved in community work.

Tutorial Experience

I have a great deal of tuition experience including university students to degree level, running industry standard seminars and courses, teaching adult workshops and teaching maths students up to GCE A-level.

Tutoring Approach

I believe that almost everyone has the ability to be, at least proficient in maths, but many are held back from their full potential by emotional barriers, often caused by poor classroom experience and self doubt. My approach to overcoming these problems is my infinite patience and good humour.

On the other hand I really enjoy teaching the more gifted student and love the fact that they can, with the right encouragement, often stretch my own knowledge and understanding. Nothing encourages a student more than making the tutor think.


I work in and around Cambridge, (Saffron Walden, Ely, Newmarket, St Neots) and I am happy to be contacted and provide tuition and guidance on line.


1986 – 1990
Bsc (Hons) 1st Pure Mathematics
Strathclyde University

The Sir Hermann Bondi Prize 1989/90

The Astronomical Society of Glasgow Prize 1989/90

The I.M.A. Prize 1990

1991 – 1995
PhD Differential Geometry
Leeds University


References, copies of qualifications and DBS available on request.
Rates: GCSE tuition £30 per hour.
Contact: simonjohnmullen@gmail.com.